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Oil tanker truck static grounding device 油罐车静电接地装置

Oil tanker earthing device for electrostatic grounding using a strong spring, using the principle of lever clamping body structure, clip the head, breaking the paint needle with strong pressures, rust can break away from the barrier. Products bybreaking paint needle, clip, effective connection of wires to pile, storage tanks andearth connection, exporting the static tank trucks earthing device is the standardization of petroleum loading and unloading ESD products, not only will produce an electrostatic fluid transport into the Earth, and full automatic detection of grounding.When the grounding bad or broken sounds an alarm to ensure production safety.Tanker electrostatic grounding device products features: 1. tanker electrostatic grounding device used super low power design, normal using during without replaced battery; 2. operation convenient, 24 hours not continuous unattended; 3. overall with epoxy resin sealed, anti-corrosion, and waterproof, and moisture; 4. provides voice alarm, timely understand work State; 5. tanker electrostatic grounding device detection electrostatic grounding resistance ≤ 55 ω; 6. continued alarm 8 minutes, automatically into dormant state, again received good line immediately wake; 7. Static grounding clamp strong elastic force, breaking the paint and rust to ensure grounding reliability. Tanker electrostatic grounding device technology parameter: 1. work power: high performance built-in lithium battery 2. work current: <5mA 3. work temperature:-40 ℃ ~60 ℃ 4. response time: <1s 5. tanker electrostatic grounding device detection resistance: < 55 ω 6. explosion-proof grade: ExiaIICT4 7. alarm way: voice alarm (>90dB, and 30cm line distance measurement) 8. cable length: electrostatic grounding clip end long 5 meters, grounding line long 3 meters Tanker electrostatic grounding device using range: in fuel, and chemical loaded Royal places; refueling inflatable station, and paint, and paint, and refinery, and chemical, and pharmaceutical products production processing district; tanker electrostatic grounding device applies Yu airport, and tanker, and ship and railway tank of loaded Royal places; tanker electrostatic grounding device applies Yu chemical items storage tank of can mobile type top cover; other need electrostatic grounding of places. Car static grounding devices explosion-proof safety inspection stations by national instruments (NEPSI) test, meet the following criteria: 1, conform to the following: GB3836.1-2000 "electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres part 1th:General requirements" 2, conform to the following: GB3836.4-2000 "electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres-part 4: intrinsic safety" I "".

油罐车静电接地装置 油罐车静电接地装置使用强力弹簧,利用夹体结构成杠杆的原理,使夹子头部的破漆针具 有很强的压力,能够破除锈的阻隔。产品通过破漆针、夹体、导线至桩的有效连接,使储罐和大地等位连接,将静电导出,油罐车静电接地装置是油品装卸场合防静电的标准化产品,不仅能将液体转运过程中产生的静电导入大地,还能够全程自动检测接地状况。当接地不良或断开时发出声音报警,以确保生产作业安全。 

Oil tanker truck static grounding device

油罐车静电接地装置产品特点: 1.油罐车静电接地装置采用超低功耗设计,正常使用期间无需更换电池; 2.操作方便,24小时不间断值守; 3.整体用环氧树脂密封,防腐、防水、防潮; 4.提供声音报警,及时了解工作状态; 5.油罐车静电接地装置检测静电接地电阻≤55Ω; 6.持续报警8分钟,自动进入休眠状态,重新接好线立即唤醒; 7.静电接地夹弹力强劲,破漆除锈,确保接地可靠。 油罐车静电接地装置技术参数: 1.工作电源:高性能内置锂电池 2.工作电流:<5mA 3.工作温度:-40℃~60℃ 4.响应时间:<1s 5.油罐车静电接地装置检测电阻:<55Ω 6.防爆等级:ExiaIICT4 7.报警方式:声音报警(>90dB、30cm直线距离测量) 8.电缆长度:静电接地夹端线长5米,接地线长3米 油罐车静电接地装置使用范围:在燃油、化工装御场所;加油充气站、油漆、涂料、炼油、化工、制药产品生产加工区;油罐车静电接地装置适用于机场、油轮、船舶和铁路槽车的装御场所;油罐车静电接地装置适用于化学物品储藏罐的可移动式顶盖;其它需要静电接地的场所。 油罐车静电接地装置经国家级仪器仪表防爆安全监督检验站(NEPSI)检验,符合下列标准: 1、符合:GB3836.1-2000“爆炸性气体环境用电气设备第1部分:通用要求” 2、符合:GB3836.4-2000“爆炸性气体环境用电气设备第4部分:本质安全型“i””。

Oil tanker truck static grounding device


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