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Introduction of Mobile Food truck - China outdoor food vehicle

1). Detail description (the main structure) :

1. Body: the material of both sides is glass fiber reinforced plastic.
2. The inside and outside of the food cart uses car paint.
3. The backboard of the food cart uses double-layer color steel plate with thermal
insulating layer;
4. The material of the front veil is anti-impact board.
5. The bottom has inflatable wheels and is equipped with high-speed bearings; 4 jacks;
the tow bar and car wheels are for option.
6. The push-pull type window to make it convenient to sale food.
7.  It's environment friendly to use electric food carts compared with diesel food carts.
8. The cat is beautiful and the color can be painted as per customers' requirements

2).Features & Advantages :

1. Convenient , electricity power source;
2. Superb quality, stainless steel material;
3. Special design, high visibility tail light signal system;
4. Easy to clean up, non-slip flooring (aluminum) with drain;
5. Considerate service, we can modify it according to your desire of it;
6. Small order is acceptable for us


1. selling snacks,as a fast food cart which you can make and sell fast food
2. kitchen cart which you can make food for yourself
3. shop which you can sell phone card and phone
4. aid post which you can help everyone
5. book store which you can sell newspaper , magazine etc
6. housing when you have a trip by car or jeep
7. repare shop to main for your clients
8. empty cart which do it by yourself

Other for your reference to your business:

1, a car, a house, mobile shops
In an increasingly competitive market environment, how to make consumers to resolve dining environment more beautiful and convenient? Faced with visitors such as weaving, is still there because the store did not worry in the downtown area? As can be used as "mobile supermarket mobile restaurant" multifunctional East Granville vending / diner come out sort of solved the problem.
East Granville vending / diner may have a mobile and strong and attractive and other unique advantages, flexible, a multi-purpose vehicle, just a parking space; the internal structure can be adjusted according to customer requirements, set sales, wagons, cold car, body in one ad, a reasonable load space, to promote its food sales and tilapia. This model can be widely used in food, general merchandise sales, sales of fruits and vegetables, aquatic products sales, flower sales stationery, mobile communications facilitate sales, can be called "rich new experts, new market lead."

2, strong liquidity and high interest
Can shuttle in the city downtown area, strong liquidity, novel and unique, effective in attracting more public attention, increase the transaction rate. A multi-purpose vehicle, and high added value: the mobile sale, while you can also rent advertising space, increase profit point, broadens the pathways for generating revenue.
3, real-time broadcast advertising to promote its mostly heard this from the public
Equipped with high-quality advertising and propaganda broadcasting system, to facilitate random propaganda, effectively locking the target customers and attract more attention.
4, rain or shine vending sales magic larger space
Environment to enhance sales, no longer afraid of the wind and rain, can conduct business anytime, anywhere mobile truck sales side windows can be flexibly extended, the full expansion of sales space.
5, the fast-food chain to join the capital weapon
Can effectively compensate for the lack of stores, expand business scope, mobility and flexibility, speed, reduce operating costs, increase revenue, effective solutions catering / vending docking problem of large-scale activities.

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